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Prices Resoria Style Delivery

The prices shown can be used as a guide.
After consultation we will be able to provide a full quotation
for your tailor made package.

Wedding with
Resoria Style
Resoria style is that mixes the modern natural and Zen concept style.
When producing in our style, Customers can not specify the flower
but the colour andsize can be reflected in the product.
Since there is no time for meetings with customers, costs can be reduced.

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There are two types of methods.
1. Delivery only
We will deliver the flowers to your specified location.

Local is free, such as Richmond and Twickenham
Delivery to Central London costs £ 20.

※Please refer to the following table because other places depends on the distance.

2. Delivery and setting (we decorate flowers)
We deliver products and decorate flowers.

Delivery cost + decoration cost will be the total cost.

The decoration cost is 10% of the decoration product price.
Example) table arrangement x 5 = 150 ➡︎ £15 will be the decoration fee.