Resoria x Casual Workshop

Resoria offers simple and casual seasonal floral workshops in a relaxing space with aromatic oils and calm music. Our workshops incorporate elements of Ikebana, which brings flowers to life in their natural state, and offer relaxation of the mind in a space that is a little removed from everyday life. It is a wonderful experience to get in touch with nature and feel the beauty of flowers and the changing seasons.

The course allows you to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements using fresh and dried flowers that are in season, as well as seasonal event flowers such as those for Easter and Christmas. You can enjoy the process of creating these floral decorations and let your creativity flow.

Where you can immerse yourself in the joy of arranging and crafting beautiful bouquets without the pressure of an instructor. Our friendly production assistant will be there to supervise and guide you, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy the experience of working with flowers,
regardless of your level of expertise.

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Duration : 1.75h
Pricing : £36pp
(Our space holds a max. capacity of 6 people)
Date : on Tuesdays
Location : Studios near our shop

[This year's content]
Dried flower arrangement
Spring flower chicken wire arrangements
Spring flower with branches arrangement
Easter decoration(line wreath..)
Bud vase table setting
Summer flower kenzan arrangement
Vivid summer flower arrangement in clear glass
Making low table arrangement using plants
Autumn dried flower arrangement
Autumn wreath with Halloween decoration
Autumn bouquet using autumnal foliagesgrass
Christmas wreath

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