CLASSES -Blossoming Minds Floristry-

Embrace the joy of floristry with us at Resoria,
where creativity meets nature.

Dive into the enchanting world of floristry with our Flower Design Living Course at Resoria, led by expert florist Rie (a head of Resoria Bespoke - This course is a blend of workshops, club activities, and sustainability practices designed to deepen your connection with nature and elevate your flower arranging skills.

*image of Ikebana class

Course Highlights:
• Learn diverse styles, including the Japanese art of Ikebana and sustainable flower design
• Exclusive online content and partnerships with outdoor enthusiasts for special events
• Hands-on classes in the beauty of nature, utilizing seasonal and natural materials

• Duration: 2-3 hours, every Tuesday by appointment
• Price: £95 per person (2 participants max)
• Location: 410 Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 2EB

Offerings Include:
• Various bouquet making, vase arrangements, seasonal wreaths, and more
• Special sessions on large scale arrangements and installations (extra fee may apply)

No matter your skill level, enjoy creating under Rie’s guidance in a peaceful setting away from daily life.

Book Now:
Contact Rie at
07961 241015 (WhatsApp available)

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